Wool Machine Knitting Machine | Needle Hand Knitting Machine

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  • Easy to use: A flat or round needle can be created in a few seconds by manual crank operation. Just screw the yarn into the spindle and turn the crank to knit your own masterpiece.
  • The fun of knitting: very suitable for beginners. Knit your own cool fashion accessories such as hats, scarves, socks and leg covers! And give gifts to your parents and friends.
  • This set of knitting machine can help you knit a scarf or hat quickly to save time. Parents can complete this gift with their children and experience the joy of knitting.


Design Features:

  • Plain weave P gear: Plain weave, can reduce the number of needles. It can be knitted scarf, bag, sweater, pillow, clothes etc.
  • T-gear for circular knitting: circular knitting, fixed needle number. It can be knitted hats, gloves, cloth dolls, etc.

 Use tutorial:

  • Rotate the handle until the white crochet hook is aligned with the yarn guide, and then leave a 30cm length of yarn in the middle of the machine to lift the yarn into the white crochet hook.
  • Turn the handle clockwise, and then thread the yarn through the hook. Finally, come out of the yarn guide and pass the yarn through the tensioner.

Use of P gear (plain weave):

  • P gear can be woven plain weave.
  • After the first lap, it will get stuck, then please rotate in the opposite direction.
  • It needs to rotate back and forth.
  • The width of the fabric can be woven according to the needs of users.
  • The width is about 32 cm and the length can be customized.
  • The customer should weave a piece of cloth first and then splice it.

Use of T gear (circular weaving):

  • The T gear can be knitted in a circular weave, which is a circular weave.
  • In the first loop, the crochet hook needs to be cross-hooked.
  • Rotate clockwise to woven into a cylindrical fabric.
  • After completion, it can be used as a hat or scarf.
  • The diameter of the circular knit is approximately 24 cm.

 Package Included:

  • 1 × 48 needle knitting machine
  • 1 × Plastic Crochet
  • 2 × Plastic hand needle
  • 1 × wire rack
  • 1 × woolen thread (4 da woolen thread, 2 large and 2 small or 6 small),
  • 1 × manual
  • 1 × screwdriver
  • 1 × Accessory bag (4 suction cups, 4 screws, 1 non-slip pad)