Wireless Remote Control EMS Foot Massager | portable Foldable foot mat

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1.Promotes blood circulation and relaxes the feet.
2.The foot mat is foldable and portable. convenient storage
3.The foot mat is made of PCV material, And because it uses high quality conductive material,
3. A massage cushion suitable for multiple parts of the body. Suitable for arms, thighs and buttocks
4. Colorful colors, trendy styles

Mode intensity: 1-19 files
Working mode: 6 kinds
Rated voltage: 5V
Output current: ≤45ma
Product material: PCV, rubber
Suggested ambient temperature: about 13-35 degrees Celsius
Product color: colorful
Product size: massage cushion 320*320mm
Single-use time: 30 minutes
Remote control: 35*97.8mm
Power supply mode: USB

Package Content:

1 x Foot Massager
1 x Remote control