Water Doodle Mat For Children

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  • Brush without pen cap: In order to prevent the young baby from accidentally swallowing the pen, the design of the special pen for the canvas is not a pen. 
  • Drawing with water: Draw with water, safe and environmentally friendly, no longer stain the baby’s circumference and clothes like a color pen, not to worry that the sharp pen will hurt the baby.
  • Soak the tip: Before the brush is used, put the pen in the water for 2-3 hours, then use it again, there will be no dripping phenomenon. The reason why the pen is dripping is because the pen is not fully swelled. Drip phenomenon 
  • The trace gradually disappears: The picture disappears as the water evaporates, the canvas returns to its appearance, and the child can continue to create.
  • Style A: four-color bag 29*19cm,
  • Style B: four-color bag 29*19cm and small pen

Package Included:

  • 1X water painting painting pad
  • 1X pen