Stainless Steel Coffee Pot | Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

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  • Pour hot water into the next cup, and do not exceed the relief. Grind coffee powder, pour the coffee powder into the powder cup, and pour more.
  • Use the chopsticks or beans spoon to smooth the powder. Slightly filter the filter paper, affixed to the upper filter, and screw up the upper seat.
  • Spin on the upper seat. Be careful not to rotate the handle of the Mocha pot, so it is easy to spin the handle. It is easy to make the base hot if you add hot water.
  • Heating with a gas lamp or an alcohol stove. See coffee coming out and turn it into a small fire. Then slowly boil the coffee.

Product Information:
Name: VEV Stainless Steel Coffee Pot
Capacity: Four servings (200ML)
Material: 304 stainless steel
Model: V- 01
Size: 21* 10cm
Style: European style
Material: Stainless steel