Posture Correcting Cervical Lumbar Traction Device

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  • Waist massage,Curvature stretch,Magnet care,Shiatsu Point Massage,Acupressure massage to relax the lumbar spine
  • Ten massage heads are arranged in an orderly manner, each acupuncture point is fixed-point massage, and the acupuncture points are deeply stimulated
  • Concave design: Support the back scientifically, fit the lumbar spine and spine,Maintain the lumbar curve,Disperse waist pressure


  • Appearance shape: butterfly
  • Number of massage heads: 8 and above
  • Control method: mechanical
  • Product material: high-grade PU leather + breathable wear-resistant cloth
  • Massage technique: massage + magnet
  • Size Information: 305 * 250*125mm

Package Content:

  • 1 x Pillow