Multi-function Drum Brush | Drum Paint Brush Roller

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  • Easy to use, easy to clean up, multiple functions, Multiple pieces, suitable for various occasions.
  • Paint with just 1 coat, it is convenient, Paints without drips or splatters.
  • Save time, money and confusion with traditional paint rollers: just add a few minutes and paint to relive any wall or surface.
  • Safe and convenient: Use the Super Fine brush for edges and edge of the tool to quickly paint difficult areas around the baseboards and door frames. Fix any handle or broom handle to extend the roller and paint the ceiling in an instant.
  • Contents of the box: Flocked Paint Runner Pro Repair agent, palette, cleaning brushes, tools, corners and paint (without paint).
  • Multifunction: use it to cover scratches and stains in just a few seconds. Professional paint roller brushes can make the whole house add value faster than you think. It is easier to decorate your house with this roll of paint. You can paint walls, no matter how high their texture.