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Product Information 

Product Name: Laser pen eye beauty equipment laser beauty eye pen beauty instrument 

suitable for the crowd: youth and office workers 

series: low level of laser series 3A 

Laser: gallium aluminum arsenic diode, continuous beam

Laser wavelength: 635-670nm 

Power: 2*1.5V alkaline battery (“micro”: AAA/IEC Type LR 03)

Rated electric tile: 3V DC 

Operation mode: continuous operation 

Single volume: 6mmX15mmX3mm 

Single gross weight: 100G

Product principle

 Laser rays provide energy for the source of energy (mitochondria) of skin cells, stimulate the increase of adenosine triphosphate production to enhance the ability of cells to regenerate. Laser treatment can provide the body cells with the biological energy they need.

Use efficacy:

Since the laser radiation starts to act on the cells, it takes a certain amount of time for the regeneration process to show the effect. If used correctly, the condition of the skin will improve within a few days. But the treatment must last at least a week.

If the symptoms do not improve or decrease after 3-4 days of treatment (make sure to use the laser pen according to the instructions), please consult your doctor. Each treatment process is controlled within 15 to 30 minutes per day.

Scope of application:

Herpes – caused by a single herpes bacterium – is an infectious skin disease that periodically attacks. This kind of bacteria spreads widely and can be transmitted through droplet infection and direct contact. The initial infection is usually in childhood, bacteria will lurk in the body, and will recur under certain external conditions, such as fever, mental illness, decreased resistance – lack of physical strength, or prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.

Herpes usually occurs in small places, such as the lips, and in some cases, herpes can occur in the form of aphthous ulcers. Skin cells infected with herpes bacteria have different functions and are particularly suitable for dealing with acutely transmitted bacteria when the cells need to replenish energy. The laser pen can provide the energy needed by the cell.

Inflammation of the skin (mouth, cracked lips, rubbed skin)

In the above situation, if it is not cured for a long time, it can also be treated with a laser pen to improve the healing ability of the cells. Treatment: Place the laser pen at a distance of 1 cm from the infected wound. Do not apply the laser directly to the wound for treatment.


Different people have different conditions of acne, so different treatments are needed. If the problem of acne is serious, you need to consult a doctor, and adjuvant treatment of skincare products is also necessary. Treating acne with a laser pen does not prevent recurrence or alter the general condition. However, the use of a laser pen for adjuvant therapy can often play an anti-inflammatory role.

Small scars, wrinkles:

A laser pen can help treat small scars and wrinkles.

Treatment process: In order to achieve the therapeutic effect, the laser pen can be directly attached to the skin. Note: When using this product around the eyes, make sure that the light does not directly illuminate the eyes.



Push the top cover of the battery case in the direction indicated, install the battery in the correct positive and negative directions (the direction is indicated on the product), and push the cover in the direction. Battery Handling: Since the battery contains toxic components that pollute the environment, please do not throw away the discarded battery. It should be sent to the local processing point for disposal.

The “On/Off” button turns the laser pointer on or off directly 


 The laser head can be sterilized with alcohol after each use. Disinfect the cloth with alcohol and do not sterilize the laser into alcohol. Make sure the instrument is dry on the next use. 

Precautions (please pay attention to storage)

1. Be careful to read the following notes 

2. Use a laser pen to direct your eyes, even if you have eye protection facilities, it will cause eye damage. If this happens, please consult a professional ophthalmologist immediately. 

3. Do not let children use this product 

4. For patients who have undergone skin surgery, please use this product under the guidance of a skin specialist. 

5. If you are not sure about the usage of this product, I suggest you consult a doctor.

6. Do not use laser light to directly illuminate others. 

7. This product should be stored out of reach of children. 

8. Non-professionals should use this product with care. 

9. This product cannot be used with anesthetic gases or flammable materials. 

10. Please remove the battery if it is not used for a long time; after using it about 100 times, please replace the battery. 

11. The metal part of this product is made of special medical equipment steel. If used and cleaned correctly, it will not cause allergic reactions. 

12. When repairing, it should be sent to the professional maintenance department for repair. Note: Improper operation or repair can result in the risk of leakage of radiation. 

13. This product cannot be used in the clinical treatment or where strong magnetic fields are present. (Example: mobile phone, etc.)

Power supply method Battery [self-provided]