Fiber Glass Nails | Fiber Glass Nail Extensions

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Fiber nails Fiber Glass To Acrylic Nail Salon Fiberglass Nail For Extension Set 


Glass Fiber specially prepared for Nail Extensions. The length is free, the price is 4g, OPP Bag packing, High-Quality Fibers, Soft, Don’t Bite or Sting. Easy application and adherence, naturally in the end result 


Name: fiberglass



Step 1: After the preparation of natural Nail Base Coat, and Glass Fiber

Step 2: make the Fiber sealed above and below with UV gel Construction

Step 3: Cure Nail under the UV Lamp / LED for 1 – 2 minutes. After a few seconds, it applies clamps to maintain the curvature

Step 4: remove the clips of the nails

Step 5: Technical sanding, this step is very important.

From Here the natural nail is in format;

Step 6: do not leave any upper Layer Cleaning Nails always Bright, and helps the durability of Nails!

 Package Content: 

  • 10 x 5.5CM fiberglass,

  • 1 x Box 3CM fiberglass 3g

  • 2 x Black tweezers pair

  • 1 x Half-month rubbing strip

  • 1 x 31MM transparent clip

  • 1 x Blue phototherapy pen

  • 1 x Undercoat bottle

  • 1 x Seal bottle

  • 3 x 12ML phototherapy extension bottles