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SAFETY FIRST: Our dog rope toys are made of hand-woven high-quality 100% cotton puppy toys for teething, which is safe and non-toxic, and can chew with confidence
TEETH CLEANING: A sturdy dog chew toy specially designed for puppies can help dogs keep their teeth healthy, Different dog chew rope toys are suitable for different types of dogs. Please choose the right type for your puppy.

EASY TO CLEAN: Dogs will run around with these cute animal cotton puppy rope chew tough toys, but you don’t have to worry about dirty, because they can be machine washed
RELIEVE ANXIETY: This is definitely a good dog durable tug of war toy gift. It keeps the dog busy all day. It is an indoor dog toy for self-entertainment and an outdoor interactive dog toy.

Product name: square bullet food container
Product Category: Ammunition Toys
Material: ABS
Style: square
Color: white, yellow
Product size: 171*171*186MM

Package Content: Feeder*1