Child balance Bike | Baby Balance Bike

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It went: tricycle, training wheels, and then bruised and bloody limbs on a newly 2-wheeled pain machine. The child development experts agree that the only thing training wheels do is help a kid learn to pedal, but the most important thing of conquering a bike is BALANCE, which is exactly what our Baby Balance Bike will help to develop. Compare to normal balance bike, our Baby Balance Bike is specially designed to minimize the danger of riding. Unlike other kids who only loves playing with smart-phone or tablet indoor, your baby will be very active and love cycling at very early age. Then, they’ll pretty much be able to make a seamless transition to the pedal-pushing bike. That means that you won’t really get to run behind them, shouting gleeful encouragement like you normally see in popular media. Leg strength, balance, self-confidence and most important thing: Happiness! These are what our Baby Balance Bike offers. Please note: Helmet should be worn all times when riding. Children should use mini bike under adults ‘ supervision and guidance. Wipe with a damp cloth using soap water only to remove dirt and dust. This mini walking bike is not to be used in traffic .

Product Name: Children’s balance car

Color: yellow / blue
Product material: environmental protection PP
Suitable age: 10-36 month
Product features: promote baby brain development, cultivate baby balance ability