Triangle Grip of Gear With 4 Kinds of Massage Head

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  • Deep massage function & Multi-faceted slimming/weight loss: This massager can effectively reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood circulation and range of motion, and improve the health of soft tissues throughout the body. Use this massage gun to shape and lose weight in many ways, arms, legs, waist, abdomen, buttocks and other places can lose weight.
  • 12 professional massage heads & 4 modes & 6 gear: intensity adjustment Equipped with 12 professional massage heads to meet the massage needs of various parts of your body. It has 4 intelligent modes and 6 levels of intensity adjustment, which can be switched according to personal needs or body parts.
  • High-speed motor & Large battery life: High-speed and powerful motor, strong power directly hits the depths of the muscles and activates the muscles more deeply. With a large battery capacity of 1800mAh, it can be used for a long time after charging for 7 hours.
  • Low noise & Multi-grip design: Using a new generation of noise reduction and mute technology, with a noise reduction shell, multiple noise reduction, bass ≤45db, does not affect life and study. This massager can be held on any side, can easily reach the hard-to-massage parts, and is non-slip and not easy to fall.
  • 5 mins relaxing massage: 5mins massage can be easy to ask for fatigue, different parts of the massage time are also different; shoulder muscles should be massaged 15s-20s X3 times, chest muscles should be massaged 30s, back muscles should be massaged 30s-1min X3 times, arm muscles 30s-1min X4 times, 15s-20s X3 times for the leg muscles.


  • Color: blue,  rose red
  • Power supply mode: charging/power supply
  • Applicable parts: chest, back, hands, legs, abdomen
  • Massage technique: deep beat massage
  • Massage contact: 12 kinds of massage heads
  • Body material: ABS plastic
  • Rated frequency: 1100~3200r/min
  • Rated power: 24W
  • Intelligent type: automatic shutdown in 15 minutes
  • Motor type: high-quality brushed motor
  • Rated voltage: 7.4V

Package Content: 1 x massager