Pedal Resistance Band | Fitness Equipment

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Waist Exercised

The body sits on a yoga mat, put your feet flat on a solid footrest, hold the handle with both hands and use your waist strength to lie back on your back, so that the body lies flat on yoga, repeated several times can effectively exercise the waist and reduce waist fat.

Leg Exercised

Lie on the yoga mat, hold the handle, put your feet on the footrest, your legs are bent at 90 degrees, and push forward. It is recommended that 15 times each time, you can effectively trowel and strengthen the waist and thigh muscle

Arm Exercised

Sit on the chair, step on the foot, maintain a 90 angle, bypass the tube, and pull up the palm to exercise the inner muscles of the arm.

Shoulder Exercised

Straighten your body, stand on the pedals, grasp the handle, pull up and down 15 times per group, repeat 3-4 groups It can increase the flexibility of the shoulder.


100% brand new and high quality!

Nonslip handles and footrests

Four elastic band

It can be used horizontally or vertically

Lightweight and easy to carry

Perfect for yoga Training


Material: Rubber

Color: Red/Purple/Green/Blue

Qty: 1pc

Size: 40x26cm